New Venture: Apology, Planted & Thank You


As is evident, I took a hiatus from blogging. I apologise for the lack of explanation for the silence.

I didn’t initially rule out the possibility of returning to it but after 13 months of not posting anything, it’s pretty clear to me that I won’t continue to contribute to this website. The main reason for this is a big change in personal circumstances, and a subsequent lack of available time.

Since I was last active on the site, I have quit my job as a chef, moved to Bristol and got a couple more tattoos. Most importantly though, I have become an entrepreneur! My partner and I have set up a mobile catering business, where we pop-up at farmer’s markets, food festivals and host our own supper clubs. Our name is ‘Planted‘ and our food is (of course) 100% vegan. It’s been a lot of fun so far, we are learning a lot, and I am delighted to have moved out of Cambridge and back to my home town which has a much more exciting food (and music) scene. If you are interested in following ‘Planted’ on the adventure, I have posted some social media links below but we’re easy enough to find: our handle is @plantedfoods everywhere. It’s always nice to stay in touch!

Facebook: link here

Twitter: link here

Instagram: link here

Email contact: 

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who has commented on, liked, read, glanced at and made recipes from my website. It makes me very happy that I still get visitors every day, and because of this, I will not take the site down but leave it online for you all to continue using it for as long as you are still interested! If this site can be used as a resource to help inspire and empower people to get cooking and move a tiny little bit closer towards veganism, then that is still very much something I want to be a part of.

Happy cooking!

Alice xx


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