This page is dedicated to describing a little bit about me- the chef, music lover and creator of Thoughtful Forkfuls.

Hi there and welcome!

My name is Alice and I currently live and work as a chef in Cambridge, UK. I have been a vegan since early 2011 and at work I cook solely vegan food, with an emphasis on gluten-free and raw foods.

Moving away from home 5 years ago and making a decision to eliminate all animal-based products from my diet gave me a startling realisation – I couldn’t cook. After living on a diet of canned refried beans, fig rolls (totally vegan) and wine for several student months, I decided it was time to get my act together and think more carefully about what I was putting in to my body. I wanted to stop animal exploitation and save the planet, sure, but I needed to look after myself too.


Photo taken, along with front-page cover photo, for the website by friend and trainee tattoo artist Jessica Ashby

Turning to the internet for guidance. I discovered a wealth of online blogs and forums supplying nutritional information and thousands of recipes. These blogs, general hungry-ness, and an almost stubborn desire to prove that I wouldn’t have to forgo taste for my new lifestyle choice turned an unhealthy culinary novice in to someone who cooks every day- and loves it. 

I now have the healthiest diet I have ever had, and have managed to find people who are willing to pay real money to eat my food(!), allowing me to pursue my passion at work as well as from home. In just a few years, food has become very important to me and I am a huge believer that increased knowledge surrounding cookery skills and the origins of our food can deliver a multitude of benefits- from the social and cultural, to the environmental and political.


So, take a look around, try out some recipes and please leave a comment letting me know how you get on!




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